Herbal Rosé Recipe Non-Alcoholic

Herbal Rosé Recipe Non-Alcoholic

Summer is almost here and we are starting to get pops of sunshine in our weeks here in Portland, Or.  Its has me desiring of dreamy hazy warm afternoons sun bathing with my friends. What would be the perfect pairing? Rosé of course!  

Being the sensitive being that I am, sugar and alcohol don't mix very well with me.  I wanted something light, effervescent, fruity, floral, sweet, lightly carbonated..So here is my herbal rendition of a rosé! 





Roses and fruit have a cooling action in the body so its great for those warm days to aid the body in cooling down. Chrysanthemums are known to move excess heat out of the body, good for cooling down the blood- supporting headaches, inflammation, and lowering blood pressure. 




 Herbal Rosé Recipe

6 oz lukewarm spring water 
handful of lightly bruised raspberries 
1 large slice of orange**   
3-6 strawberries roughly chopped
1 tablespoon dried rose petals 
1 tablespoon dried chrysanthemum flowers*
1/3 cup erythritol or sweetener of choice ***
12 oz carbonated water 
**citrus of choice
* or try jasmine, linden, chamomile..any floral you'd like. Chrysanthemums were chosen here for their cooling action. 
*** start with 1/4 cup of honey, maple syrup, agave, cane sugar etc and sweeten to taste. Erythritol is a weaker sweetener so takes a little more to get that sweetness. 


Grab a 16 oz mason jar, stuff with the fruit and sugar, muddle together, pour over the lukewarm spring water. Allow to infuse at room temp for 2-6 hours. Stir, taste test, strain when strong, fruity, sweet, and happy. Remember we will be diluting this concentration.

Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a 16 oz pop top bottle. Either purchase cold carbonated water or make a cold strong carbonation in the SodaStream. Delicately pour into the pop top bottle with the concentrate. Careful with mixing carbonation and fruit. It will fizz quickly, move very very slowly and cap quickly. 

Cool to drinking temp. et voila! 

To make things a bit easier. Prepare the concentrate and carbonation the night before and store in fridge overnight. That way its already cool and ready to strain/mix the next day. 


Let me know what you think and happy sun bathing! 







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