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Herbal Mockail Concentrates, Bottled Mocktails, and Tinctures for the nervous system.

De-stress, find calm, release tension, connect with loved ones, uplift your mood..all through these delicious healing elixirs.


Grimm Botanicals

Herbal Remedies

Heal your nervous system

Take care of yourself with calming herbs, adpaptogens, nourishment, and deep sleep.

Try these tinctures

Restore (Stress)

Calm Waters (Occasional Anxiousness)

Ocean Floor (Occasional restlessness)

Aid your Digestion

Delicious delectable Mocktail Concentrate your can take anytime. Filled with carminatives, herbs to feed your gut microbiome, chaga mushrooms, chamomile for an anxious tummy...tastes like root beer/ ginger beer...AKA best thing to ever happen?!

Try it here

Enhance time with a lov*er or special ones

I implore you to try a taste of the Sensual Elixir Mixer or Sensual Sparkling Soda. Same formula different methods.

One is for making your own mocktails at home by adding a few droppers to soda water or bev of choice. (you can also take directly under the tongue)

The other is a ready made bottle of sparkling Sensual formula for special date nights or occasions of your choosing.

Also does not need to be with a lover, choose a social gathering, live music or the like to enjoy.

Sensual Elixir Mixer

Sensual Herbal Soda

Relax, uplift, and unwind ..

Euphoria Elixir Mixer was inspired by the energy of your most dazzling, dizziest daydream.

Sink into dreamy, dripping, relaxing euphoria with blue lotus, lavender, passionflower and borage.

Tastes like sweet floral nectar, only need a few droppers with maybe a squeeze of lemon and soda water and you are ready to unwind.

Euphoria Elixir Mixer

All you need is 2-4 full droppers of Elixir Mixer , soda water, maybe some citrus.. et voila!

Delicious functional wellness mocktail right at your fingertips


Incorporating herbs and fungi into your daily life is pivitol in anyones healing journey. Not only do they work to heal the body physically, mentally and spiritually. They also have the capacity to unlock deep rooted patterns and restore balance. Explore the options and find the right herbs for you.

  • Digestion all funky?

    Herbs can aid in digestion through carminative action which alleviates bloating, discomfort and gas. (Cardamom, fennel, ginger) Some have demuclent properties which sooth and restore the gut lining (cinnamon, marshamallow..) Others can feed the gut microbiome through polysacchrides such as dandelion and burdock.

  • Feeling burned out..?

    Adrenals & Nervous System

    Maybe exhausted, irritable, anxious, on edge, and a little frazzled??

    Herbs have a way of soothing these woes through adaptogenic properties, nervine action, and nourishment through minerals.

    Milky oats in our Restore Tincture combined with Ashwagandha will rebuild our adrenals and nervous system so that with time we become resilient against common stressors.

  • Aph*rodi*siac Delights

    Ever wondered what it would be like to feel deeply connected to your loved ones, the arts, and yourself??

    Aph*rodi*siacs have a way of making our skin tingle, sending blood to all the right places, and opening our senses to the world and people.

    We feel more open, connected, social, and outgoing.

    Take a peak at my top seller Sensual Elixir Mixer (Mocktail Concentrate) to see what I mean.


Sharden Grimm

The creator and herbalist behind Grimm Botanicals. She has been practicing herbalism for 7 years and co-owned Artemisia Elixir Bar back in 2018-2020. She is devoted to her work of using herbs for healing the nervous system. She sees healing trauma as an opportunity to bring in levity, pleasure and play. Formulating herbal beverages, concentrates and tinctures is her way of transmuting shadow into light.

  • What is a tincture?

    A highly concentrated liquid form of plant matter. Usually extracted through alcoh*ol or vegetable glycerin. Low doses for high concentration of healing power.

    1-3 full droppers under the tongue washed down immediately, or added to beverage of choice.

  • What is an Elixir Mixer or Mocktail Concentrate?

    First off Elixir Mixer and Mocktail concentrate mean the same thing!

    Basically its a delicious potent herbal "syrup" used to make delectable drinks with functional healing properties.

  • < --- How to use

    "Syrup" is in quotes because I formulated these to be very very low in sugar. We use vegetable glycerin instead of sugar to create a delicious sweet thick syrup like consistency.

    3-4 droppers per 6-8 oz of soda water should do the trick!

    or take directly under tongue or in any bev of choice.

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Mountain Rose Herbs

A company local to Oregon, widely trusted among the herbal community. My biggest inspiration. They stock a beautiful selection of organic herbs, tinctures, and supplements.

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